The Woozy Wagon
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About This Project

Our new food truck!


Check out the Woozy Wagon!….I think that pretty much everyone that runs a street food business has a dream of owning their own food truck, and we’re super excited to say that within a year of The Woozy Pig being an actual thing, we are very close to finishing our very our food truck.


Introducing…. ‘The Woozy Wagon’


Our vintage Bahill horse trailer, fully kitted out to serve street food to the masses!


We have built our food truck to be fully adaptable to most of our different catering options, so we are able to serve pizzas, fully loaded dogs, Hog roasts, BBQs and more from it.


We’ll keep you posted with updates. Stay tuned for a launch party….. expect FREE FOOD 😉


PEACE – Mr Woozy